Himmerland - Shaped by the Iceage...

Himmerland is the area between Aalborg (north), Hobro (south), the Kattegat Sea (east) and the Limfjord (west).

A lot of beautiful and historic locations can be found here:

Mulbjerge (Mul Mountains) - These hills used to be an island. To the west is now a raised bog (Lille Vildmose). Pindstrup Mosebrug still have peat production here just outside the National Park.

Rebild Bakker (Rebild Hills) - The moor land / hills are the home of the Rebild Festival. Every 4th of July, the American Independence Day is celebrated here (since 1912).

Troldeskoven (the Troll Forest) - A part of Rold Skov (Denmark's largest forest).

Lille Vildmose National Park - One of Europe's largest raised bogs. The area also holds a large wildlife population.

Pindstrup Mosebrug - Peat and substrates production. This is what happens when you dig in a raised bog.

Troldkirken (the Troll Church) - A large dolmen / megalith on high ground.

Frendrup Nihøje (Nine mounds at Frendrup) - These burial mounds are located at the oldest known settlement in Himmerland.

Kongerslev Kalk (Calcide of Kongerslev) - This is one of several locations where calcide is mined.