Be Nordic 2016, Milan

VisitDenmark (pr/corporate)
Be Nordic: a branding opportunity for the Nordic Countries
The Nordic tourist boards of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in Italy have since 2014 worked successfully together on creating Be Nordic, an event platform that over 5 days reaches press and bloggers, trade and end-consumers.
The chosen umbrella theme for the event is "Nordic lifestyle", which allows to present a 360 degree image of the Nordic countries, engaging the event visitors through a rich event calendar and inspiring different target groups.
From 2016 it was agreed to give each edition a specific “fil rouge” to carry out through the event. For 2016 it was decided to focus on sustainability due to the Nordic countries' strength in this field.
The main organizers are the Nordic Tourist boards with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers but many other sectors are involved as partners in the event.
From tourism partners, such as destinations, museums and tour operators, to partners from the food , energy, architecture, and design sector, to the cultural industry as well as official institutions such as Embassies and Export Councils