Welcome to Skagen – the northenmost point in Denmark, where the Baltic and the North Seas meet. Skagen offers unique experiences all year round: a fascinating nature, authentic danish and scandinavian culture, exciting events and much more. 65 km long, white, sandy beaches backed by dunes, tempt visitors to engage in all the activities that go with seaside life. Skagen’s own art is world famous and richly depicts the history of the town. Some of Denmark’s most well known and prized artists made their mark on Skagen and its development as a holiday venue. The artists were attracted by the wonderful light, the scenery, and the harsh conditions that the residents of the fishing villages lived under. By the end of the 19th century there was an artists’ colony proper here, populated by artists from all over Europe. Many of their works can be seen at ”Skagen’s Museum” . Visitors can gain a living impression of art and life in Skagen at two authentic artists’ homes: ”Drachmann’s House”, the home of poet and marine painter Holger Drachmann, and the home of the married couple ”Anna and Michael Ancher’s House”.